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BSS 160 Hatcher / Incubator CTD7

In the hatcher BSS 160 the eggs are hatched and transferred on the day of hatching. The 7-inch touch display convinces with its innovative operation and the brilliant display of all important parameters. The infinitely variable regulation of temperature and humidity in combination with the gentle circulating air system make the incubation process easier than ever before.

The adjustable cool-down timer stops the heating/humidity if necessary, the fan ensures sufficient oxygen, and after the cool-down phase, the incubation temperature/humidity is automatically ramped back up to the previous value.

For more closeness to nature, the value of the rotation and cooling times can be varied by 30%. The new CTD7 ensures an easy condition with its self-explanatory menu navigation. The premium 7-inch touch display provides an easy-to-read overview. Here, the device status is represented by colors of the respective field, for example red in case of an error message. By monitoring the safety thermostat and the fan speed, disturbances of the control operation can be detected and possible measures can be taken. Worldwide access to data of the device (optional) is possible via the website Simply enter the serial number of the device and the incubator - if activated - will report every minute (Internet connection of the incubator required). The data log of the CTD7 can be displayed graphically via the home network using a USB stick. This makes it possible to see at which values of the incubation processes the best results were achieved. The graphical display can help you to optimize the incubation process. By entering your e-mail address on the display of the device, both status and alarm messages are automatically sent to your cell phone, for example, at a selected interval. The calendar function allows you to create a hatching schedule on a daily basis. New regulation values can be set for each day. The hatcher also has LAN and WLAN connections.

Another energy-saving effect is provided by the precise electronic temperature control. A super silent air circulation system ensures even heat distribution. The safety of the animals is guaranteed by an adjustable temperature monitor. Humidity can be continuously adjusted up to nearly 100%, and is automatically maintained according to the brooding instructions. In order for the air bubble to grow successfully, the humidity can be reduced via a tank flap. The heating is stopped and the fan provides sufficient oxygen. After the cooling phase, the breeding temperature is automatically reached again.

Crucial for every breeder is the reliable development of the embryos. This is ensured by a gentle rolling turn, adjustable to any egg size, and the programmable motor turn. The digital display ensures constant monitoring of the humidity.



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- Microprocessor control of the latest generation (all functions programmable)
- digital temperature control
- digital automatic humidification
- digital cooling down timer
- engine turn
- 7 inch touch display
- breeding calendar
- Data logging via USB
- fault monitoring
- Status notification via e-mail
- Live data via web browser
- Network connection (LAN/WLAN)

including accessories:
4 x grid floors
4 x turning tray with 8 rollers
1 x capillary thermometer




Dimensions (width x depth x height) 66 x 47 x 63 cm
capacity 168 Hühnereier
Inserts 4
weight 28 Kilogram

Digitaler Eimonitor "Buddy"

Digitaler Eimonitor "Buddy"

Hatching tray

Hatching tray

Capillary thermometer 35-41°C

Capillary thermometer 35-41°C

Power supply for Buddy 230V

Power supply for Buddy 230V

Holder for thermometer

Holder for thermometer

Holder for Hygrometer

Holder for Hygrometer